Architects in Norfolk and Architectural Technologists providing you with supurb architectural services throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the World.

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We are Norfolk Architects covering work as Architects in Norfolk, Architects in Suffolk, Architects in Norwich, Architects in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.







We have people who have led significantly large teams on large complex architectural projects. We have others that are learning their trade and coming up through the ranks in the architectural industry. We encourage the engagement of ‘year out’ architectural students into the Practice as they can bring new ways of thinking and add to the enthusiasm of the working environment.


Some of the projects worked upon at senior level have been World Class and in one case the Project was so unique it will never be repeated. It involved the building of facilities that provided cost-effective placement of satellites into space. Our Director was the Project Manager for the architectural design and construction phases of the living and working environment for the facility.


We provide good design ability and project management competently and with enthusiasm. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating exciting but practical spaces within and around projects that are properly heated, ventilated, naturally lit and exhilarating to use. Our paramount aim is the delivery of an environment that will add significantly to the living, working and learning experience. Where architectural Projects seek to integrate buildings into an existing facility we provide solutions that are not only unified and provide a logical and practical arrangement but one that excites and stimulates the occupants making them respect their environment.


We have examples of large buildings that we have produced where we saved time in the construction, around 6 weeks on a 48 week build; saved significant sums of money in the construction process; and delivered projects ahead of the programme both in new buildings and architectural refurbishment projects.  


There will be advantages that we can bring to you due to our involvement in the Norwegian, German, Petrochemical and wind-turbine markets. This is especially so in the maintainability, operability, and longevity of materials and products. We are also engaged in a variety of ergonomic and lighting studies at the moment primarily surrounding multi-million pound Control Rooms but this expertise can equally apply to any aspect of building space.




Offshore Architecture

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