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We are Norfolk Architects covering work as Architects in Norfolk, Architects in Suffolk, Architects in Norwich, Architects in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.


Residential design is one of the most difficult areas of design primarily due to the fact that it is culturally driven.


Do we offer materials that would not necessarily ever be used in conventional house design in the UK? Do we offer 3 dimensional multi-use spaces and areas that are inside outside or that can be adapted as a family grows or do we provide what is expected in the knowledge that it will sell as it is a format instantly recognisable?


We love natural light and landscape views. We like materials that provide longevity without the need for lengthy build programmes but we only explore these things with a willing Client.


We are highly aware that it is your brief. Our role is to challenge and to discuss, as to settle for 'norm' at the conceptual stage of a project is not to have provided enlightenment.


We have also developed solutions for housing where, for one family, year round 24 hour care was required. Our aim was to provide dignity and privacy whilst providing total integration into the family space allowing interaction and inclusion. Additionally it is very easy where high levels of medical equipment are required to end up with a very institutional environment when a calm, relaxing, home environment is desired. In this case the equipment and layout was designed to allow the equipment to be stored and hidden away seamlessly only becoming seen as it was required.


Access is also highly important within such an environment. While carers were able to blend into the background and have more limited 'work' areas the woodland site around this particular project was fully accessibile at all levels whether on the terraces, the roof garden or indeed deep within the canopies of the mature trees.

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